Insall & Coe is a UK consultancy with national and European expertise in active and sustainable travel.

Lead consultant Philip Insall established and managed the health policy and partnerships programme at the sustainable transport charity Sustrans.  He also established, and until 2015 directed, Sustrans’ international liaison work.

Philip made Sustrans into a significant contributor to public health policy, relating transport and planning to physical activity promotion, air quality, climate change, sustainability and public health.  He established strong partnerships with many of the leading public health organisations and supported better partnership working between the health, planning and transport sectors. 

Insall & Coe has an excellent contacts network, from the WHO, to national public health institutions, to individual Directors of Public Health in local government, and from local and national active travel bodies to the European level.


Insall & Coe offers expertise in the main areas of policy and practice relating to transport and public health.

Developing policy and official guidance on physical activity and the environment, walking and cycling, obesity and other related public health areas, working with government departments, Foresight, NICE, Public Health England and many others.

Building cross-sector and trans-disciplinary partnerships to advocate for better transport, planning and health policy.

European policy: contributing to understanding of transport and health at European Commission level, and creating policy initiatives around active travel.

Ensuring the health potential and impact of the National Cycle Network are recognised and maximised.

Envisioning new approaches to active travel research, advising on research strategies and projects, and ensuring the evidence impacts on policy.