Insall & Coe has an excellent contacts network in public health, transport, built environment and sustainability, and valuable experience in the creation of cross-sector and trans-disciplinary partnerships to advocate for better transport, planning and health policy.

The Take action on active travel policy call was coordinated and edited by Insall & Coe director Philip Insall, working with the Association of Directors of Public Health.  It makes six clear recommendations on national and local government, and is supported by over 100 transport, health, environmental and social sector organizations.

In 2012, Philip led a project to review progress against the call, which pointed up a still glaring need for governments at all levels to do just what the document says: take action on active travel.

Philip worked with the Chartered Institution for Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) to assemble the Active Transport for Healthy Living coalition, which has now widened its membership to become Partnership for Active Travel, Transport and Health.

The most powerful health voice in the country is the BMA, which unfortunately has been rather quiet on transport and health.  Philip urged the BMA to take a lead on this issue, and contributed heavily to the 2011 BMA transport and health position, Healthy transport = healthy lives.  The report has a number of very good recommendations, and should be promoted and adopted more energetically by the BMA.

In recognition of Philip's contribution to inter-sector partnership development, he has been made an honorary member of the Faculty of Public Health, and an individual member of the UK Health Forum.